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How to extend Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce with custom SMS Gateway?

If you are wondering how to add a custom SMS Gateway into the plugin Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce,  you came to the right place.

I hope you have programming language knowledge, if not feel free to reach me  : 

Firstly, to add a new SMS Gateway who will be displayed into the plugin settings

In order to add a new SMS gateway, you'll need to use this hook : <br/>

After adding the new SMS gateway, you will need to make sure the data you have entered is sent to the method who will save it, To do so, you'll need to use this JavaScript filter in order to edit the values that will be saved :

To ensure the SMS Gateway is saved, you'll need to use this action and follow this :

To be able to send SMS with your SMS Gateway, you'll need to use this filter:

We are at the end of the tutorial, if you have any questions, feel free to post it into the comments or directly into our support chatbot.